NT-4250 DCG

NT-4250 DCG

The latest addition and currently the ‘flagship’ of the company’s arsenal is the multi axis, high specification and precision CNC machine by the Japanese constructor Mori Seiki. With the acquisition of this new, cutting edge technology 9 axis CNC (X1, X2, Z1, Z2, C1, C2, ZB, Y and B), Korfiatis Engineering Hardware Constructions makes a breakthrough in the field of hardware constructions in Greece with the ability to produce higly precise, full-fledged, complex components.

With a working length and diameter of 1542mm and 730mm respectively, a Y±210mm, a real B±120° and positional accuracy of 0,0001°, with 40 C6 Capto tools for the upper body and 12 for the lower mill, with 70 bars cooling pressure circulated through the body, cooling all parts (from motors to ball screws and the entire support bearing), with a closed oil circuit, this is a true 26 ton factory that redefines the term construction and also sets new standards for the company itself.

Technical specifications: NTSERIES_EA07_LO


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