The company complies to all industry guidelines/standards in order to remain competitive in the market and to meet the highest production standards. Well defined processes are followed to ensure quality, in accordance with the guidelines of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001. Additionally, our company is certified to comply with the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

We maintain a quality control department for all major part production batches, whose responsibility is to verify that the end product meets the specifications to the last detail.

The instruments and measuring devices we use are of top quality, electronic and are frequently verified to ensure the accuracy of their indications. All CNC machines of our company (that mainly come from Japanese constructors, and also European ones) are equiped with a touch probe and a tool setter in order to achieve ultimate accuracy of the end product.

In addition, when the specifications of the end product so require, the CAD/CAM drawing software UGS-NX6 is utilised in conjunction with the corresponding CNC machine modules that the company has in possession.

The prototype part produced by the design department is then fed directly to the machine monitor and the process of cutting with machine code follows in real time, which in turn results to top quality manufacturing.

The aforementioned process gives us the ability to use a prototype part made by our client himself in order to deliver him the exact part he requested.




Sophisticated Equipment

We provide a full set of state-of-the-art machines!


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